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Often cited as the most romantic movie of all time, the notebook is a story of young love and tragic circumstances in 1940s america after the playful noah successfully pursues the beautiful allie at a local carnival, the two embark on an all-consuming romance much to the dismay of allie’s rich parents. The 25 best romantic movies are films about love, loss, and forgiveness watch one with your sweetheart or best friend the notebook & titanic are two of my favorites great article - a lot of work thanks for writing it author stephanie hicks 6 years ago from bend, oregon thank you kelley and egrove all the best, steph egrove sys. The data and ipython notebook of my attempt to solve the kaggle titanic problem - fayduan/kaggle_titanic. I put off watching the notebook for years because of all the hype saying it made women cry, so when i finally decided to watch it a couple months ago, i realized it was not even that serious now titanic i hadn't seen that movie in 10 years and i watched it this past weekend as it was on tv and almost teared up. The notebook ryan gosling made women around the country swoon when he romanced rachel mcadams in this 2004 flick based on the popular nicholas sparks novel about a couple who fall in love in the.

In 1997, titanic came out, and while the press was already saying it would be a flip because of the size of the budget it had, the fact is that titanic broke records, stayed on top for 14 weeks, and for 12 years, it was the highest grossing movie of all time. This notebook is a simple tutorial on using graphlab create for predicting tasks, like the kaggle's titanic contest the competition requires to predict which kind of people were likely to survive the sinking of titanic. Titanic is a very sad movie, but notebook is a even sadder movie titanic is based on a true story though but the movie is more like a love story.

In titanic and in my opinion, rose died and we see her younger version reunites with jack, as well as those whose lives were perished titanic this movie has always been in my heart, unlike the notebook. 9 best romantic movies like the notebook updated on may 29, 2018 rahul parashar more fast forward almost two decades later, titanic still hasn’t lost its charm i have seen people trying hard to fight back tears when viewing this one i admit that it gets me every time while it’s not a sobfest like the first time i saw it, it’s. Category film & animation suggested by wmg david guetta feat anne-marie - don't leave me alone (official video) song dive artist ed sheeran. Movies like ‘atonement’, ‘the notebook’ and ‘pearl harbor’ all bear similarities to ‘titanic’, in that they fuse notes of disaster with romance let me tell you why you should check them out soon. We'll never let them go there have been many iconic on-screen couples throughout movie history, like titanic's rose (kate winslet) and jack (leonardo dicaprio), brokeback mountain's ennis (heath.

The notebook is an important object in titanic: adventure out of time and is one of the four key items needed in order to achieve the best ending it is a simple notebook with a black cover that contains a list of names belonging to russian revolutionaries who are actively trying to undermine the russian czar. Yes, titanic and the notebook will always hold a special place in our hearts (no matter how cheesy they are) but these parodies are too funny not to share with you the pet collective (who make these hilarious videos) has also created a parody of girls and it is brilliant titanic the notebook. In a nursing home, resident duke reads a romance story for an old woman who has senile dementia with memory loss in the late 1930s, wealthy seventeen year-old allie hamilton is spending summer vacation in seabrook.

Titanic was pretty sad, but i'm gonna have to stick with the notebook thats my favorite movie, like seriously, i watch that all the time and everytime i cry through the whole thing like i have never seen it before. The titanic challenge on kaggle is a competition in which the task is to predict the survival or the death of a given passenger based on a set of variables describing him such as his age, his sex, or his passenger class on the boat i have been playing with the titanic dataset for a while, and i have recently achieved an accuracy score of 08134 on the public leaderboard. Titanic titanic is a 1997 american romance film directed, written, co-produced and co-edited by james cameron based on the sinking of the rms titanic the flying scene in titanic is a beautiful and romantic sequence because it invites the audience to empathies with the lovers.

Kaggle-titanic this is a tutorial in an ipython notebook for the kaggle competition, titanic machine learning from disaster the goal of this repository is to provide an example of a competitive analysis for those interested in getting into the field of data analytics or using python for kaggle's data science competitions. The notebook all the way for me it had such an intensity and passion surrounding it that titanic just cannot compare to in my book the love story in titanic was cute and all but it just lacked the passion that noah and allie have in the notebook. The notebook owes much of its success to facebook the simultaneous release of michael moore ’s fahrenheit 9/11 and subpar reviews caused the the notebook to struggle at the box office initially. Titanic notebooking pages read a little about them then use the notebooking pages to capture what you know or tell it in your own words you could also try writing the story of the titanic in the words and from the viewpoint of each person.

Titanic: adventure out of time is a point-and-click adventure game developed by cyberflix and published in the united states and united kingdom by gte entertainment and europress respectively, for microsoft windows and macintosh, in 1996. Anaheim california, i'm a loving person, single mom, i'm very well family oriented, i love to cook, i love animals,i love music, love to spend time with my kids and grandkids after work or during my day. All titanic clips belong to paramount 20th century pictures and the notebook soundtrack belongs to its makers i will make no profit from this video it is purely fanbased. Colonel alfred zeitel is a german agent and primary antagonist of titanic: adventure out of time he is reportedly working for the german government on the business of inspecting german embassies in washington, mexico city and havana but has his own secret agenda in retrieving several key.

titanic the notebook Starting with titanic,the love story between jack and mary in was pretty awesome and also heartmelting,it made alot of full grown adults bust into tears due to jack willingness to sacrifice his own life to save the lady he loves while notebook love story between noah and ally was epic,its the kind of love every man and woman wantsnoah spending all his time and energy to remind ally of the.
Titanic the notebook
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